The best kept secret of memorable presentations
March 6, 2014

For the past five years, I have been perfecting a method for persuasive presentations, using current findings from neuroscience. This method, called the Rexi Method (“Rexi” comes from the Latin verb “to direct” or “to guide”) includes 3 elements that are mandatory for behavioral change: attention, memory, and decision-making. With…

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How short of a presentation is too short?
February 11, 2014

A client sent us this question: “I have a quick question relating to your research on attention span.  I have a co-worker who wants to keep a meeting to no more than 10 – 15 minutes because he has heard that the attention span for adult learners is limited to…

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New year, same demands. (And how to avoid them).
January 8, 2014

New year? New resolutions? New you? Same demands? How many times did you hear this in 2013, or any year for that matter: “Hey, I sent you the slides, can you take a quick look at them and give me your comments?”  When did having a “quick look” at anything…

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Stop ahead, or ahead stop?
December 11, 2013

I’m often asked for some tips and tricks that can help presenters nail a presentation when they have little time to prepare.  Obviously, that’s never ideal, but in a pinch there is one activity that is rarely documented and yet in my opinion invaluable.  And no, it doesn’t involved recording…

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Why do we forget?
December 3, 2013

And how do we help our audience remember our presentations? In a recent article on this blog (a presentation, in fact) we discussed memory and just how easy it is for people to forget what we tell them. One of the reasons we forget – presentations and information in general – is…

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