What can virtual presenters learn from top athletes?
January 23, 2015

Dr. Carmen Simon – Think of athletes whose skills you admire. Who comes to mind? Nadal? Tom Brady? Beckham? Top athletes have an outstanding power of anticipation, which they use to quicken their responses and read the game. Take tennis players, for instance. If you’ve ever wondered how Nadal can…

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What Makes Content Memorable?
January 6, 2015

Dr. Carmen Simon I was talking to my friend Bruce Kasanoff and debating the issue of what makes content memorable. I started thinking of various principles that have been confirmed by science and wanted to describe them in association with contexts that are easy to understand. Bruce and I have…

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What do advanced presenters and winning poker players have in common?
December 23, 2014

Dr. Carmen Simon I recently watched several professional poker players on TV, during a tournament, and realized that there are a few commonalities between them and outstanding presenters. After doing some research on poker psychology, I discovered that the similarities are more striking than I imagined. Of course, you could…

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How To Create Memorable Video Testimonials
December 16, 2014

Dr. Carmen Simon One of the ways in which presenters add credibility and authenticity to their content is through video testimonials. Such testimonials show how customers are using and benefiting from specific products or ideas, with the intent to drive more business. A video-based testimonial can go one of two…

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