How to Use Transitions Effectively in a Presentation
September 23, 2014

If audiences forget 90% of what you present, then understanding how the brain works is key to controlling that critical 10% of what you want your audiences to remember. The latest brain science findings tell us that the brain remembers information by making associations. So how do you help the…

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Incorporating Storytelling in Your Presentation
September 16, 2014

Stories tend to have higher recall rates than plain facts. They put your content into a relatable context through a more interesting format. Everyone knows storytelling is great, but if it is not executed properly, it may not be as effective. Here are some key techniques to use for incorporating…

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What Does Brain Science Have To Do With Presentation Skills?
September 8, 2014

You’ve done all your research, prepared your slides, traveled to another state, and are now in front of a conference room full of mildly interested people with their phones out. So how do you get them to focus and remember what you are presenting? This is where brain science ties…

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How to Create a Memorable Presentation
August 31, 2014

Audiences forget 90% of what you present, so how do you make sure the 10% they DO remember is the RIGHT 10%? To help you achieve this, we’ve compiled a handy A-Z guide on how to create a memorable presentation. Anticipation A curious audience is a captivated one, so don’t give…

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Presenting in the Age of Aesthetics
June 17, 2014

by Dr. Carmen Simon “Would you rather be called ugly or boring?” That was the poll we conducted in partnership with Poll Everywhere a few weeks ago. Out of 190 business and academic professionals, 55% said they preferred to be called ugly, not boring. These are just descriptive statistics, not…

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