How To Create Memorable Video Testimonials
December 16, 2014

Dr. Carmen Simon One of the ways in which presenters add credibility and authenticity to their content is through video testimonials. Such testimonials show how customers are using and benefiting from specific products or ideas, with the intent to drive more business. A video-based testimonial can go one of two…

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Why You Should Avoid Superficial Presentations
December 2, 2014

By Dr. Carmen Simon “In quantum gravity, as we shall see, the space-time manifold ceases to exist as an objective physical reality. Geometry becomes relational and contextual; and the foundational conceptual categories of prior science–among them existence itself–become problematized and relativized.” This is an excerpt from an article on quantum…

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3 counterintuitive tips to create a memorable presentation
November 25, 2014

Dr. Carmen Simon “What would you improve about yourself by 50%? Your looks, athletic ability, or memory?” Earlier this year we polled visitors with this question. Out of 243 participants, 36% chose memory. Looks and athletic ability scored 34% and 30% respectively. The results intrigued me because given the choice…

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What is the most influential on the brain? Emotion or Reason?
November 18, 2014

It’s the age-old question, is emotion or reason more influential on the brain? A few months ago, we created a survey asking participants whether it was better to start a presentation by appealing to emotion or reason. Out of the 169 responses, 79% voted in favor of emotion, and 21%…

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