Advanced Brain Science Techniques for Memorable Content

Audiences will forget most of the content you present and the little they remember is random. Using neuroscience-based guidelines helps you to master with precision what audiences take away from your content and what they are willing to do with it.

This in-depth, hands-on, transformational boot camp is not for the faint hearted! If you are a great presenter but want to add the extra brain science layer and get more out of your efforts, this is for you. You will learn how brain science techniques related to attention, memory, and decision-making must work in harmony to achieve the impact you want. Delivery skills techniques and improv exercises are included, and you’ll leave with practical skills you can use immediately on any type of presentation to direct attention, increase recall, and guide behavior.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Use scientific precision to determine the critical message to you want your audience remembers instead of leaving this process to chance
  • Advance your level of influence by understanding and using advanced decision-making techniques that guide action
  • Differentiate between voluntary and involuntary attention, and use advanced techniques to capture and sustain attention
  • Make it difficult for people to multitask or leave the room during your presentations
  • Employ advanced memory techniques to make content stick
  • Engage in videotaped exercises to ensure that your delivery skills enhance the critical message you want your audience to remember

The workshop is hands-on and highly interactive. You’ll work with your own content, improving it according to brain science-based principles for memorable presentations.

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The Mark Hopkins, San Francisco, CA

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