Our three delivery models are designed to fit your organization’s preferences for presenter type, schedules and locations. Many clients see great results by creating a combined curriculum that consists of initial in-person workshops, reinforced by shorter online workshops.


Virtual Presentation Skills
1/2 or full day

This workshop teaches the skills and techniques necessary to keep an audience focused and engaged during a virtual presentation. You will learn how to create and structure a message best suited for virtual delivery, handle technical elements of virtual delivery, and Incorporate vocal variety to deliver a convincing virtual presentation.Contact us

Visual Storytelling
1/2 or full day

During this workshop, you will learn how to delight an audience with storytelling techniques so they remember critical content, master four mandatory elements that belong to any business story, and polish your delivery skills for maximum impact in storytelling.Contact us

Create Sticky Content
1/2 or full day

Every time you write a message (email, text, blog), you impact an audience’s neurochemistry and influence them to take (or not take) action. During this workshop, you will learn how to use Rexi Media to cultivate language habits that spark action.Contact us

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An expert trainer conducts a Rexi workshop, customized for you and your organization. We discuss your goals before putting together an instructional plan to make sure we’re teaching the skills you want your group to learn. We limit class size to promote interaction, create a lively give-and-take atmosphere, and ensure every attendee gets personal attention.


Our online Rexi training sessions are like face-to-face interactions with you and your group, even though you’re in a remote location. You can schedule these sessions at your convenience and your attendees can view them as a group or at their individual workstations.

Delivery skills

Engage your audience

At Rexi Media, we use a set of sophisticated techniques to ensure that participants gain the skills necessary to deliver a complex message in simple and engaging ways.