• Creativity – Put Your Finger On The Intangibles This is a webinar hosted by Adobe. In this session, Dr. Carmen Simon presents a thought-provoking and richly exemplified session for learning a set of unusual, provocative, useful, and most important, tangible skills to become more creative.
  • What Does It Really Take To Create A Memorable Presentation?This is a webinar hosted by Brainshark. In this popular session, Dr. Simon presented four neuroscience principles that enable presenters to capture their audience’s attention. Through examples and exercises, attendees learned practical ways to implement these principles right away to make any content memorable.
  • How many slides does your audience remember from your PowerPoint presentationThis is a webinar hosted by Brainshark on a recently completed a study that examined the intersection of cognitive psychology and communication. The study, in which 1,540 subjects participated, asked a very basic question: How many slides does a viewer remember, on average, from a text-only, standalone PowerPoint presentation containing 20 slides? The webinar discloses the research results along with practical guidelines on how to create memorable PowerPoint presentations.

Presentation Briefs

  • Are Your Slides Selfish? A text-heavy approach to presentations is often selfish because you’re not focusing on what an audience needs; you’re focusing on what you need. View this 3-minute on-demand program to learn how to develop altruistic and memorable slides.
  • Effective Transitions Planned and skillfully executed transitions are often the difference between good delivery and mediocre delivery. View this 2-minute on-demand program to learn two types of transitions that will improve any presentation.