Audiences naturally forget most of the content you create. That’s not the bad news. The bad news is that the little they remember is random. This is why we advocate the use of brain science to help your audience remember exactly what you want. Using the latest brain science findings, you can get your audience to transition from remembering some things to remembering the right things.

Why do audiences forget so much?

Because they’re distracted, and because communicators cram too much (complex) content and too many slides into too short a presentation window. So audiences have a hard time staying focused and remembering information—especially when your presentation is done online rather than in person.

Most presentation training programs aren’t that effective because they are based on anecdotal information, personal experiences or observations—not on scientific information about how the brain works.

That’s where Rexi Media is different.

Use the Latest Brain Science Findings

We’ve perfected techniques for developing presentations based on brain science. We use Attention Triggers, Memory Magnets, and Decision Drivers to get your audience to pay attention, remember, and act on your message.

Our hands-on in-person and online workshops, called the Rexi Method, will teach you how to apply these techniques to transform your presentations and reach your desired outcome.

Debunking Presentation Myths


Less is more in presentations.



Brain Science Finding:

Elaboration, not simplification, leads to better recall.



Rexi Media:

More complex slides require the presenter to include more explanations. This means that the brain creates multiple memory traces for each slide, therefore increasing the likelihood of recall. This method works well if it is not overdone.

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