Audiences will forget 90 percent of what you present. That is why we use The Rexi Method to design presentations that direct an audience’s attention to the 10 percent that matters most.

Creating impactful presentations

As leaders in an organization, it is critical for top executives to ensure their messages hit home. So key to our process is to engage closely with executives and their presentation teams to identify a problem they want to solve, and get to the core of what they want their audience to remember*. Our highly experienced and creative presentation designers put The Rexi Method to work to get audiences to pay attention, remember, and act on key messages.

*If you’re not solving a problem with a presentation, don’t deliver the presentation.

How it works

We use the key techniques of The Rexi Method during each step of the creative process:

  • Identify the problem you want to solve and the critical message that an audience must remember and act on
  • Formulate a script
  • Create a visual identity (look and feel of the presentation deck)
  • Develop the final presentation deck


Case Study

Rexi Media Case Study How do you get attention when
the speaker after you is Hillary Clinton?


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