Brain Science Basics for Memorable Content

This workshop provides an overview of brain science techniques you can use to ensure your content is memorable. The principles immediately convert to practical skills, and the workshop is easy to attend because it is delivered virtually. You will be able to join like-minded people from the industry who are seeking one of the most challenging rewards: to be on someone’s mind.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Determine the most critical part of your message (people forget up to 90% of what you share, so it is important to control the 10% they do remember)
  • Master four techniques to attract an audience’s attention from the very start of any commuincation artifact
  • Apply four design principles to get an audience to focus on what counts without the need to be a graphic artist
  • Employ memory techniques to make content stick
  • Use a persuasive template to ensure that your audience not only remembers but acts on your important messages


The workshop is hands-on and highly interactive. You’ll work with your own files, improving them according to brain science-based principles for memorable content. Once you register, you will receive the URL for the session, along with additional instructions on how to join.

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Virtual session, 9am-12pm PST,

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